Gemfeed’s Oscar Predictions 2017

The Oscars are right around the corner and everyone’s vying to win a glossy gold statue. What movies, actresses, writers, directors, editors, composters and costume designers deserve to come out on top? Gemfeed’s cracking open our Magic 8 Ball and… Continue Reading →

Tech Takeover: The Future of Television & Film

A new year means new technological advancements. 2016 held virtual reality, thinner phones, sleeker tablets and a few fictional advancements that had viewers at the edge of their seats. It might have been something in the water at major Hollywood… Continue Reading →

Actors Who Had the BEST 2016

Which actors really shone this year in both quality of performance and quantity of roles snatched? We’re breaking down the best, including classic frontrunners, fresh young talent and rookies diving back in with killer comebacks. Whether they’ve been nominated for… Continue Reading →

Blockbuster Books of Summer 2016

If you never got around to summer reading or abandoned book club after week three, fear not. Here’s a recap of the summer’s hottest books, from bestselling novels to poetry to memoirs and nonfiction releases. These gems sold like hotcakes… Continue Reading →

Top TV Shows to Watch ON TV (No Streaming Allowed!)

It’s rumored that cable television is dying and quality original content outside of your small computer screen has all but faded away. That’s true – if you don’t know where to look. We’re summing up the best television content for… Continue Reading →

Best of the Golden Globes 2017 – RECAP

Which movie stars won big? Which network stole the most globes? And which jokes made us laugh the hardest? If you missed the awards on TV, or simply can’t wait to relive this epic night, we’re breaking down the most memorable… Continue Reading →

What’s Coming to Netflix in 2017 – Series & Films you Must Watch!

A new year means new exceptional Netflix content. Including films, series premieres and returning television originals, this list ranks the most promising content arriving on everyone’s favorite red streaming hub. If your go-to television show has recently been cancelled, is… Continue Reading →

Books to Snuggle up with This Winter

As the seasons get colder, any motivation to leave that warm, cozy bed gets slimmer. Snow brings the perfect weather for curling up with a great book, a cup of hot tea, and escaping into a brighter, hopefully warmer, world…. Continue Reading →

RECAP: Hottest Fall 2016 Films

Summer may not have been a knockout for blockbuster films, but this fall has proven that a new season brings new, fantastic entertainment now available on DVD and Blue-ray. Whether you’re looking for heavy dramas, action-packed adventure, films that scream… Continue Reading →

Blockbuster Books of Fall 2016

Dusty bookshelf? Uninspired mind? Fear not. This season has brought a new list of novels ready to be devoured over reading glasses and stacked up neatly beside your comfiest living room chairs. Even if you don’t love reading modern masterpieces… Continue Reading →

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