Netflix: 6 Hidden Gems You Should Add to Your List

  Everyone’s talking about Barb from Stranger Things, plot twists in House of Cards and  a bleaker than bleak new season of Bloodline. But what about the fantastic Netflix originals absent from headlines and social media coverage? This list compiles… Continue Reading →

Meet The Subways Music Band

Billy, Charlotte and Josh compose The Subways, an English punk and alternative rock band from Hertfordshire. Since their debut fifteen years ago, they haven’t stoped. Meet The Subways. GF: Let’s start from the beginning, how was the band born? Which… Continue Reading →

4 Silly Short Films That Will Make You Laugh: The Chickening, Kung-Fury…

So you watched all the fantastic documentaries we recommended two weeks ago and a few good crime movies. Now you want to get silly. Luckily for you here at Gemfeed we are experts in silly/random movies (watch out for our upcoming… Continue Reading →

DJs Form Mars – Music From Another Planet

Max Aqualuce and Luca Ventafunk form an amazing italian DJ production team. They are able to mash-up any song and turn any music style into electro dance music. It is imposible not to get carried away and dance with their… Continue Reading →

5 Awesome Documentaries You Can Find On Netflix

They allow us to look closer at reality, they entertain us and make us more knowledgeable. The documentary genre has been somehow relegated from the big screen, but luckily for us Netflix offers a great selection of documentaries. Here you have… Continue Reading →

Best movies of 2015: Inside Out, It Follows, The Martian…

It’s Friday! Time to fill up your to-watch list with some great movies. Here at Gemfeed we have selected a few 2015 hits that we think it’s about time you watch. If you have not seen any of these yet, what are… Continue Reading →

Tropical Vibes – Interview with Is Tropical

Is Tropical are set to release their third album Black Anything this year. Originally formed in six years ago as a trio (Simon Milner, Gary Barber and Dominic Apa), the band added vocalist, Kirstie Fleck. Since then, they have traveled the world… Continue Reading →

Good crime movies you should watch

Crime movies often get a lot of bad press for being cookie cut copies of a bad script. However, this genre hosts some masterpieces you should not miss. Here you have some amazingly clever crime movies. Mystic River Impecably directed… Continue Reading →

The circus never stops: interview with Babylon Circus

Babylon Circus was born twenty years ago in Lyon. Since then they have travelled around making people enjoy and dancing to their music. They mix ska, reggae, rock, punk and jazz in English, French or a mix of both.  … Continue Reading →

Meet Reptile Youth

Reptile Youth is considered to be an excellent live band. Their innovative indie, alternative rock, electro music has been very succesful in places like China. Now, they are spreading their music all around Europe. Discover what inspires Reptile Youth.  … Continue Reading →

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